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vitmo baby



Vitmo Vitamin Bebe Textile; It was founded in 1973. Positioning itself as the “leading brand of children’s fashion in Turkey” in the branding process, Vitmo Vitamin Bebe Tekstil follows the trends in the world and prepares its classic and extraordinary designs with elegance and comfort suitable for modern life by its young and dynamic team.

Revealing the modern style of classic and casual children’s clothing by combining details with quality fabrics in the children’s clothing sector, Vitmo Vitamin Bebe Tekstil presents its collections prepared according to different customer demands to the market today to its consumers abroad and in Turkey. Our company, which closely follows the technological innovations in our sector and sees the investment in human education as the biggest investment, acts with this understanding and continues on its way with a management style that always tries to keep the quality standards at the highest level.

Our Vision

With our rapidly growing structure and service,

To be Turkey’s Largest Baby Clothing Supplier.

Our Mission

To ensure the happiness of babies by helping mothers and fathers. To provide pleasant, cheerful and entertaining products that will meet the needs of babies, to make our babies and related families happy, to contribute to our country by creating a strong family structure that looks to the future with hope and confidence.

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